Are all Antenatal Courses Created Equal?

antenatal courses

I wish I wish I wish!!! I wish that hospital courses empowered women to know their instincts, their power, their strength, their body wisdom....

I wish that hospital courses taught women to discover their deep hormonal and emotional needs, desires and wants.... (and then - HOW to have them fulfilled!)

I wish that hospital courses started with great natural birth tips and education in session one (which they do) and then CONTINUED with that as a MAIN theme for session two, three, four, five and/or six!

I wish that hospital courses taught women and birthing families that they are allowed to make fully informed decisions, every step of the way! AND furthermore, HOW to make a fully informed decision! For example, to ask for benefits AND RISKS for every choice presented.

AND then another fantasy.... I wish women were educated to notice when they are given only two choices - that both lead to the same outcome. So that more women can ask for ALTERNATIVES!

I wish the hospital taught presented policies/procedure as a CHOICE!!! I wish every women could be educated about her legal and human rights for birth. About the legal precidents that dictate WHO makes WHAT decisions? Who who, and when? (all of which is covered as VITAL material in my private courses - of course!)

I wish I wish I wish...

My wish list is a mile long, I don't even have time to cover one fifth of it today.

But until I do find the time, please find a private antenatal course and enrol in that.

Private educators work as a woman for a woman.

In contrast, it is good to keep in mind, public educators must do what they are told by their employers (the government)... to keep their jobs.

Even though, it may pain them to do so.

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Private Birth Educator.

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