Hunter Birth Education, with Natalie Meade. 

Natalie Meade

This year, enjoy working with me at not-for-profit prices – through the Newcastle Birth Movement.

Website created and maintained by Natalie Meade. 

(GradDipC, GradDipPsyc, GradDipEd, Bsc (Hons), CCE, CH) 

From Natalie:

My Mission:

To grow the number of women experiencing their labour, birth and post-birth as a positive experience.



My highest priority: 

To honor and respect the emotional journey
of women and families (as well as the physical).

My hope is:

that all women, everywhere,  are treated as absolutely precious.

Independent Birth Education

After ten years as a birth education specialist, I have learnt that women benefit immensely from solid and reliable emotional support and realistic, independent birth education.

This emotional support and emotional preparation are a large component for women opening smoothly and safely for birth.

I will help you to recognise, acknowledge and articulate your fears, worries and anxieties and then to resolve them and problem solve them!

I believe that Birth Education is about you feeling emotionally heard and then being free to find joy in your pregnancy, birth and parenting.

Working with me, you will cover all aspects of standard birth education but with more of the fun, relaxation and assurance! My courses include mindfulness sessions, relaxation sessions, relationship and communication counselling and much, much more.

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What I do…

As a passionate birthie, I have worked hard for many years to build this central Hunter Birth Education website as a tool for you. This page will help you to know your wide array of birthing and birth education options as early in pregnancy as possible.

Clients are blown away at what they can learn and how useful this then is for shaping positive birth experiences. Clients nod along eagerly as the knowledge falls into place, perfectly matching their instincts!

I will be by your side as your zest and enthusiasm for birth builds stronger, and stronger!

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Breastfeeding Education

Enrol in a Birth Course with me as your number one breastfeeding priority. I include some key and highly valuable breastfeeding information within my Private Birth Education courses. Plus, the ideal way to establish breastfeeding is to begin the journey with a positive birth experience.

Because I only cover a few essentials about breastfeeding in my birth courses, I also support you further by referring you to the most effective breastfeeding courses available in the local area, as well as excellent resources, IBCLC recommendations and other on-going supports.

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Shape your birth journey for the better, ask Natalie how.

Reviews From Parents

Parents get so much from our unique service, here are a few snippets of some client feedback!

“Natalies’ Birth Education course enabled me to have a calm pregnancy and an empowering birth experience. My husband and I both learnt a great deal about natural birthing and nurturing parenting methods”

Amy and Rob, Newcastle

“A natural water birth, no stitches! Thank you”

Anita, NSW

“Natalie taught my husband and I amazing life skills that we have applied with our parenting technique and our work”

Ben and Gem, Central Coast

“The whole course was very useful. Natalie covered a lot of important and useful things that the hospital antenatal class didn’t”.

Carol, Wife of Surgeon, NSW

“I am so glad I did the course and I experienced a very positive birth experience”

Nelly, Sydney

“The classes definitely helped me to cope…In my birth I chose some minor interventions and I felt in control and happy about my choices!”

Elisa, Sydney

“I would recommend The Hunter Birth Education Centre to any prospective parents who want to alleviate the worries of parenthood.”

Benjamin Alvarez, NSW

“I pushed that baby out and when I reflect on labour I get excited because it was such a powerful experience!”

Gemma, Central Coast

“Natalie gave me birthing confidence and confidence as a mother. The relaxation skills I learnt – I still use today”

Emma, Nelsons Bay

Growing the positive future of birth and family wellbeing

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