This page has been designed to help you in your pregnancy - to know ALL your birth care choices, to find extra supports (as you desire them) AND to do a GREAT, birth course!

If you are pregnant and you want warm-hearted support, clarity and useful, positive, information?

Hello and welcome, my name is Natalie and I am glad you have found my website.

Birth Education

To experience the highest potential of your birth experience, ensure you get the highest quality of independent information and great, extra, support (eg a doula). The time and energy you invest in your birth will reward you for your full lifetime and the next generations too!
You are welcome to do a birth course with me. Natalie Meade.

Doula Services

A Birth Doula is a very special and very helpful part of any woman's birth journey. Other supporters may be stressed, freaked out or just too rushed or too worried to be present emotionally, yet your Birth Doula remains steadfast by your side, believing in you and sending you the vibe “you’ve got this”! A Birth Doula is there for you for the entire journey (pregnancy, birth and postpartum) – she brings birth education and information, she is emotionally supportive, reassuring and calm.

Hypnobirthing Courses

For private, high-quality, Birth/Parenting Education (at an affordable price!!), you have arrived at the right place. I provide not-for-profit, Hypnobirthing courses at Hamilton, Newcastle. Enrol with confidence as you work with one of the very most experienced and qualified hypnobirthing educators in the region. Congratulations on finding my website as the freedom to choose ANY course you want, free of financial stress, is now yours :)

Post-natal support

Birth and recovery is a HUGE thing. Your care provider may give some limited support and information, but it can often be a struggle to get great personal care and help as quickly as you need it. We know the right people to assist you. Ring or Text Natalie on 0406 934 645 and ask for referrals, recommendations and ideas at anytime.

Breastfeeding support

First, do everything you can to be educated about the natural physiology of birth and breastfeeding. Then make choices that enhance and fit well with your bodies’ natural hormones and systems and your babies natural instincts for feeding, sucking and sleeping. Personally, I am super glad I persisted with the tough stages of breastfeeding and I was even blessed to experience a four and a half year breastfeeding journey with my final child. Ring or Text Natalie on 0406 934 645 and ask for referrals, recommendations and ideas at anytime.

Parenting support

Birth and then advancing onwards to parenting a child is a HUGE thing. Your care provider may give some limited support and information, but it can often be a struggle to get great personal care and help as quickly as you need it. We know some great, local, people to assist you. Ring or Text Natalie on 0406 934 645 and ask for referrals, recommendations and ideas at anytime.

Workshops & Services

I hope you enjoy choosing from my range of workshops, courses and service packages.

"Hypnobirthing + Extras", Five Week Course

Take your time, enjoy the deeper learnings and new friendships

$285/A very special not-for-profit price
  • A full antenatal education hypnobirthing course
  • Face to face group work
  • Pregnancy and birth planning resources
  • Snacks and nibbles
  • Spread out over five Sunday mornings
  • Maximum of eight couples per group
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"One Precious Day" Birth Course

The best of the best of my birth education and hypnobirthing tips

$175/A very special not-for-profit price
  • The best of the best of hypnobirthing
  • Face to face group work
  • Pregnancy and birth planning resources
  • Snacks and nibbles
  • Max of eight couples per course
  • An action packed day of interactive, useful and eye-opening education
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Birth Doula

Having a birth doula is one of the BEST gifts you ever give yourself and your baby

$1650/all inclusive birth-doula package
  • Attendance at labour, birth. babies first hours and postpartum home visits
  • 3 x 1.5hr Pre-natal home visits (these visits will do birth planning, prepping, discussion of fears and worries and also some deeper emotional work for birth)
  • Free access to Hypnobirthing Courses with me (face to face at Hamilton)
  • Access to all birth resources
  • 2 x 1.5hr Post Partum Home visits
  • Unlimited phone, text or email support during pregnancy
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Common Questions

How often do you run the courses?

Courses are run very regularly. The best way to keep tabs on this is to check out What's on or follow #newcastlebirthmovement at Social Pages.

Where are the courses held?

All courses currently offered are being held as special fundraising events for the Newcastle Birth Movement Project at Hamilton, NSW

What other services do you offer?

Birth Planning Support, Birth Counselling, Birth Trauma Counselling, One-to-One Birth Courses (for families needing very personalised and tailored care) and Birth Doula Support.

How can I find out more information?

How can I book into one of the courses?

Easy Peasy, I use Eventbrite and I have it built into my website. Follow this link to decide what dates and times suit you, and simply book and proceed to checkout. See you in your course! Natalie

What if I can't make it on the day?

If there is a course with a date that you cannot attend, all good, I provide you with private access to pre-recorded, group, zoom session for that topic.

Why are your birth courses so affordable compared to other local private birth courses?

This question is my favourite as it touches on my personal PASSION work. When I was a first-time, pregnant woman, I set aside the chance to do private birth education assuming it was too expensive or not necessary. WOW what a BIG mistake!! I based my decisions on lots of common assumptions, for example, I was assuming the hospital course would prepare me for birth - completely and successfully - they did not.
As a birthing woman, I LATER found out the content of private courses and I was instantly in LOVE! Now, I want ALL women and families to be able to afford this great gift, hence, I have created a community project and I offer my courses affordably as a fundraiser for that project. This project is run by myself and other volunteers and is called the #NewcastleBirthMovement

Do you cover the valuable parenting content covered by hospital courses?

Yes, and not only do I just "cover" the content, I cover parenting so holistically, that it makes sense with your instincts so that you absorb the learnings deep inside your heart and body.
Here are the main topics advertised by the local hospital course:
1."Self-help strategies for labour and birth, including ways that the support person can offer support to the labouring woman including when to come to hospital" (YES, I absolutely cover this)
2."Making informed decisions about your care, unexpected events of labour and after the birth"
(YES, I absolutely cover this)
3.Breastfeeding, infant sleep, settling techniques, infant communication & other baby care topics.
(YES, I absolutely cover care of your baby and breastfeeding establishment and improving sleep outcomes for mother, baby and family)
4."Changes in the family relationships during the period of the transition to parenthood and offer some strategies to minimise distress"
(YES, I absolutely prepare you with a ton of skills for assisting the emotional journey and early parenting challenges of having a new-born baby and the changing dynamics ahead).

What clients are saying!

Natalies’ Birth Education course enabled me to have a calm pregnancy and an empowering birth experience. My husband and I both learnt a great deal about natural birthing and nurturing parenting methods.

Amy and Rob - Newcastle, NSW

Natalie taught my husband and I amazing life skills that we have applied with our parenting technique and our work.

Ben and Gem - Central Coast, NSW

The classes definitely helped me to cope…In my birth I chose some minor interventions and I felt in control and happy about my choices!

Elisa - Sydney, NSW

I would recommend The Hunter Birth Education Centre to any prospective parents who want to alleviate the worries of parenthood.

Benjamin - NSW

Natalie gave me birthing confidence and confidence as a mother. The relaxation skills I learnt – I still use today

Emma - Nelsons Bay, NSW

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I would like to pay honour to the Awabakal and Worimi people as the original and true custodians of this land where I live and work. I also acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women who have birthed and breastfed their babies on Country for more than 60,000 years, and the partners, families and communities who support them.