Birth confidently, with passion, supported by the Hunters' longest standing Hypnobirthing Educator, Doula and Birth Counsellor.

Did you know, only 2% of Australian women experience a natural, physiological, birth?
(If that shocks you, let that shock propel YOU into ACTION!)

The above statistic comes directly from the Maternity Consumer Network and can be derived from data from the Mother and Babies report.

The truth is, birth is TOUGH! AND your environment MATTERS too!

If you want birth education and birth support that is honest, realistic, and successful for your birth - no matter how tough birth gets and no matter WHERE you birth - then I am here for you.

My biggest inspiration is knowing that when we birth with love, patience and joy, we are lucky enough to begin parenting from a most joyful, positive starting point and this can increase our chance to parent in more loving, connected and conscious ways.

This is turn enables families to have more emotional energy to devote towards the enjoyment, care and protection of Mother Nature.

Each positive birth literally, heals the world.

Nats' University Qualifications

(GradDipC, GradDipPsyc, GradDipEd, BSc (Hons), CCB, CH)

Nats' Professional Development:


A little about me...

My first journey into motherhood began with assumptions shattered.

Panicking and fighting my own body during the birth of my first child, I realised the transformative power of private birth education only too late.

The standard birth course I blindly did attend, left me completely, emotionally unprepared. It was only through my own career path as a psychology graduate, counselor, and hypnotherapist that I was awakened - passionately - into the world of high-quality, private birth education (initially Hypnobirthing and in the years after, many more awakenings unfolded).

Fast forward to thirteen years later, and I’ve now guided over 1,000 families and actively participated in a wide variety of births, as a Birth Educator, Birth Doula and Birth Counsellor, my personal focus in the birth field is to help ALL families experience their births as a positive experience, no matter what path their journey takes and no matter how tough their experience may become.

Get ready to receive support and education that goes way beyond the usual, 'surface level', enjoy:

Mindset Readiness:
Prepare your mind for the birthing journey, fostering a resilient and empowered mindset.

Psychological Preparedness:
Equip yourself with the psychological tools needed to navigate the intricacies of childbirth and make sound decision-making strategies.

Partner Support:
Provide your partner with valuable information and support, ensuring they are an active and confident participant in the birthing process.

Authentic Discussions:
Engage in genuine, open conversations with other mothers, fostering a supportive community where real and raw experiences and insights are shared.

Fun & Curious Education:
Experience a dynamic and engaging educational environment that is not only informative but also interactive, fun, and filled with curiosity.

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Nats' Community Work - Newcastle Birth Movement.

As a pregnant woman, I quickly identified a massive gap in the system - I wanted childbirth to feel more special and celebrated. And, I wanted caring, real, emotional support during my antenatal journey.

Now, I dedicate hours, days and nights to volunteer, community, birth support work, to help other women, get what they need and want, I do this for pure altruistic pleasure and I do this because I believe it helps to heal the world.

I created the "Newcastle Birth Movement" project in Hamilton, Newcastle, NSW, a fulltime, physical space for support of mothers and families. This initiative is not just a physical space but a vibrant hub, sustained by self-fundraised rent.

Within this space, we offer complimentary birth circles, trauma counseling debriefs, doula chats, and affordable, enriching workshops for mums and babies.

To ensure the longevity of this beloved community project, I also devote vital energy towards my private practise. When you choose to work with me privately, you play a crucial role in supporting and sustaining this massive community initiative. Come for a cup of tea if you ever pass through Newcastle!

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You're in great company.

See what parents are saying about working with Nat:

cassie ellen.jpg

Natalie's support, experience and knowledge is amazing. I felt so understood, seen, loved, and heard.

lisa renee.jpg

You gave me: trust in my body, you gave my hubby: confidence and in-depth understanding of birth.


Your dedication, knowledge, tack, care and diligence were exceptional.


Your teachings protected my headspace and transformed me as a birthing woman.


Pregnant and wanting information to enjoy a positive birth?

Welcome to my birth choices information and birth services website, Natalie Meade.

Birth Education


To experience the highest potential of your birth experience, ensure you get the highest quality of private, specialist, education (standard hospital courses don't cut it) and private support (eg a doula).

The time and energy you invest in your birth will reward you for your entire lifetime, subsequent births and your next generations too!

You are very welcome to chat choices and/or do a birth course with me. Nat

Birth Doula

A Birth Doula is a very special and helpful part of any families' birth journey.

Other supporters can end up too stressed, freaked out or too worried, to be present emotionally. IN the meantime, your Birth Doula remains steadfast by your side, believing in you and sending you the vibe “you’ve got this”!

A Birth Doula is there for you for the entire journey (pregnancy, birth and postpartum) – she brings birth education and information, she is emotionally supportive, reassuring and calm.

Online Birth Course

You can be anywhere in Australia (or the world) and we can work together via online, zoom, LIVE sessions. A new group starts each month. Always beginning on the the first Tuesday night of the month. You are very welcome to chat choices and/or do a birth course with me. Nat

You are in great company!

Here's what other parents are saying

Natalies’ Birth Education course enabled me to have a calm pregnancy and an empowering birth experience. My husband and I both learnt a great deal about natural birthing and nurturing parenting methods.

Amy and Rob - Newcastle, NSW

Natalie taught my husband and I amazing life skills that we have applied with our parenting technique and our work.

Ben and Gem - Central Coast, NSW

The classes definitely helped me to cope…In my birth I chose some minor interventions and I felt in control and happy about my choices!

Elisa - Sydney, NSW

I would recommend The Hunter Birth Education Centre to any prospective parents who want to alleviate the worries of parenthood.

Benjamin - NSW

Natalie gave me birthing confidence and confidence as a mother. The relaxation skills I learnt – I still use today

Emma - Nelsons Bay, NSW

I prioritise time for you, birth is important!

Birth Educator to the stars!
What a fun time I had with the Norris Nuts.

Respect and honour to the Awabakal and Worimi people as the original and wise custodians of this land. Honour to those who have birthed and breastfed their babies on this sacred land for more than 65,000 years.