One-To-One Individual and Relationship Counselling, Newcastle Region, NSW.

For personalised healing and support

Relationship Counselling

Face to Face Newcastle/Hunter Exact Location Edgeworth

180/1.5 hour session
  • Experienced
  • Open Minded
  • Genuine
  • Warm Hearted
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Individual Counselling

Face to Face Newcastle/Hunter Exact Location Edgeworth

$90/70 minute session
  • Be fully heard
  • Heal from past damage
  • Just one single session makes a difference
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A little bit about my journey to becoming a confident counsellor

As a child and teenager, my life was a tough one.

I didn’t know it then, but as a young adult I was then tough on myself. I was traveling on a self destructive path and I didn't even notice!

I went to a few counsellors over the years. Each time, I LOVED it, I experienced amazing breakthroughs that totally opened up my thinking - in such positive and useful ways.

I embarked on the most amazing "healing" journey.

This is the passion I bring to counselling, I know from personal experience how life changing counselling sessions can be, even just one single appointment!!

Counselling sessions helped me to discover my own self talk, my self awareness, empathy, integrity…. and my world flowered open.

I fell in love with the human mind, neuroscience, the skills of communication, mindfulness, boundaries, counselling techniques and much more.

I completed a psychology degree, a counselling degree and many speciality courses in relationships counselling , trauma support, suicide prevention, addiction support and more topics of passion!

Through all of these 20 years, I grew and grew and healed and developed skills, knowledge and experience that brought me through an amazing wise, learning journey to where I am now, a healed adult who has great compassion, empathy, patience and skills to be able to support others and to be able to work in a way that appreciates others depth of struggles due to what I have been through.

Let's talk.

I am here to listen and support you to be fully validated and heard.

Sincerely, Natalie Joy Meade

Birth Counselling

Birth has a huge effect on our mental health, our feelings about ourselves and our ability to attach securely with others, including our child. Women (and men) can seek birth counselling while pregnant to help ensure a positive birth, and/or, after a traumatic or upsetting birth, to heal and resolve those big emotions.

You can be quite shocked at how hard, emotionally triggering and emotionally exhausting birth, parenting and parenting, or pregnancy, can be. You could be feeling very isolated, disconnected or lost. There are many great books to help, but you don’t have time or energy to read them. Podcasts can help a little, but you only listen, you don't get a chance to talk and be fully heard in your own personal circumstance. Your actual supports may have ever changing advice, or advice that doesn’t match your needs or seem to help at all.

Walk into a calm, reassuring and supportive counselling clinic space and feel relieved and validated in your human feelings, needs, fears and worries. Visiting a counsellor can often be the most relieving experience in a persons life. Finally someone to truly hear you and validate you as a human. Finally someone to help you see a fresh, new and helpful perspective, as if you can gain a big ariel view of things and feel relief to be a curious, learning onlooker and see your own solutions so clearly. Finally someone to guide you in communications that break the old patterns and habits and help you effectively be heard by others.

I work with many mums who have had a birth that they still feel emotionally triggered by, year after year. Many mums try to push the feelings down to ignore them, and try to forget them. These feelings are ASKING to be processed. These feelings need to be processed to finally resolve and heal.
I work with mums to let those experiences be resolved, so that the mum can feel more pf her positive emotions that are more enjoyable. Mums can feel relief and celebration, joy, gratitude.
During a session we will find the key upsets, find ways to resolve, reframe and even appreciate the mind thoughts. Some of this is by talking, much of this is by somatic and processes, for example EFT tapping, mindfulness and even hypnotherapy.
I also work with beautiful Nepalese singing bowls, bells and other lovely tools for processing trauma from the body and mind.

Respect and honour to the Awabakal and Worimi people as the original and wise custodians of this land. Honour to those who have birthed and breastfed their babies on this sacred land for more than 65,000 years.