Natalie Meade - hanging out with pregnant mums.
As I do.

(GradDipC, GradDipPsyc, GradDipEd, BSc (Hons), CCB, CH)

The most common sentence I hear:
"If only I had met you for my first birth".

That means, if you are pregnant right now with your first child, this might be, your VERY lucky day!!!

How many GPS, or midwives even, do you know that are also a birth counsellor, birth doula and private birth educator experienced in teaching 1000's of couples about birth?

We don't expect our medical care providers to know all the speciality stuff about birth or the emotional needs for birth? Do we?

Time to stop assuming and hire the emotional and mindset support that can take your birth from stress, worry and fear - to pleasure, joy and fun!

Let's chat further if you'd like to know:

How to achieve an affordable and enjoyable birth!

How to have enhanced team work with your supporters

How to be prepared for birth REALISTICALLY and POSITIVELY at the same time, and,

All the full psychological, mindset and emotional preparation needed to ENJOY the adventure ahead.

Warm wishes,

Natalie Meade


Who am I? (me adoring my little girl)

I am a "50-year-wise" mother of two healthy, flourishing, children (aged 8 and 15) and a proud grand-doula of many more babies! When you work with me you get a very wide and deep knowledge of birth, women's health, parenting and relationships.

What I do

I support women (and families) to be fully emotionally heard, I help them feel confident, to have clear direction for their needs and decision making, I help women (and families) feel assured, validated and special. When you work with me your are treated as uniquely human and special.

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Why I LOVE my work

I work with women, humans, birth, babies and relationships, as I believe it is the MOST important work ON EARTH! It is my pure love, care, passion and enthusiasm that buoys me each day to enjoy and flourish in this field. When you work with me you are buoyed along with me.

Why I can confidentially recommend - myself!

I am the real, down-to-earth, deal. I spend my spare time devoted to community work, women and mothers.
As an educator, I write my OWN programs and weave in the wisdoms my hundreds of mentors, role models, experts, that are, midwives, OBs and birth experts, from around the world.
As a counsellor and Birth Doula, I am wise within my field, I've made the rookie mistakes a LONG time ago.
I excel at the skills needed to guide you gently, lovingly and strategically towards your needs, wants and desires!
I also want to hear YOUR thoughts, beliefs, feelings and reflections.


Special Messages From Clients!

Natalies’ Birth Education course enabled me to have a calm pregnancy and an empowering birth experience. My husband and I both learnt a great deal about natural birthing and nurturing parenting methods.

Amy and Rob - Newcastle, NSW

Natalie taught my husband and I amazing life skills that we have applied with our parenting technique and our work.

Ben and Gem - Central Coast, NSW

The classes definitely helped me to cope…In my birth I chose some minor interventions and I felt in control and happy about my choices!

Elisa - Sydney, NSW

I would recommend The Hunter Birth Education Centre to any prospective parents who want to alleviate the worries of parenthood.

Benjamin - NSW

Natalie gave me birthing confidence and confidence as a mother. The relaxation skills I learnt – I still use today

Emma - Nelsons Bay, NSW
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My wish for you...

I have a dream for all women! It is that they can feel their OWN body go into labour (an amazing feeling emotionally and physically) AND one big step further (dreaming super-big now), that you can feel your OWN body do it's OWN expulsive pushing! (a mind blowing experience).

Not heard of those things? Don't know much about early labour, labour, or expulsive pushing? - Please book in to educate with me NOW!!)

I LOVE helping birth become more pleasurable, fun and special for the humans I work with. You might not experience one or all of my two biggest dreams, but we will have fun preparing and you'll gain a whole lot more than you imagined.

My favourite gifts I share with all families I work with:

Stimulating and enlightening breakthroughs.

Intellectually-stimulating conversations.

Relationship work, team work, communication work, intimacy and bonding work.

Let's talk birth - my favourite subject.

Respect and honour to the Awabakal and Worimi people as the original and wise custodians of this land. Honour to those who have birthed and breastfed their babies on this sacred land for more than 65,000 years.