A Doula is a GAME CHANGER!

"Home birth is not a luxury, Midwives are not a status symbol, and Doulas are not trendy"

(One of my favourite quotes from: Midwife and human rights maternal justice activist, Carmen Mojica)

Great News, I am accepting clients, let's chat!

My complete Doula Package is lovingly and affordably priced at $1450, What this includes in listed below, Warm wishes, Natalie Meade.

Confident, calm and experienced Birth Doula support, guidance and education - every step of the way (matched to your pace, your needs and your desires).

Unlimited phone, text and email for emotional support during pregnancy, birth, post birth and breastfeeding (calls naturally average to 5 - 10 minutes duration)

A minimum of two, pre-natal home visits (1.5 hours each). Prenatal visits cover a variety of topics, such as: detailed birth discussions around what you need, want and desire, your fears, your particular worries, birth planning/mapping, team work prepping, plus, process work for fears and worries, emotional work for working with past, negative patterns etc
(Although the package technically includes 2 visits, I most commonly see mums for 1-3 extra prenatal visits. This is a variable based on distance and how circumstances unfold)

Support and attendance during your labour/birth/placenta birth and first hour/s of skin-to-skin!

Postpartum home visits x two. Duration normally 1.5 hrs and includes breastfeeding/emotional support and any other support that is helpful! ( yes, i love to bring food, fruit, and fold laundry while we chat etc)

A massive BONUS - you and your partner/chosen supporter, will join a course with me - totally INCLUDED in your package! I run regular 'Hypnobirthing + Extra' Courses at Hamilton NSW.


You're in Great Company.

See what parents are saying about working with Nat:

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Wow I learnt so much, so many tips and tools. It was a paradigm shift for myself and my wife.

lisa renee.jpg

You gave me: trust in my body, you gave my hubby: confidence and in-depth understanding of birth.

zoe bagnall.jpg

It's the years of knowledge you have Nat that shine through. You have a calmness but confident way of giving and directing information about birth.

sally gosling.jpg

You taught my husband and I how to communicate with each other effectively. We didn't even know we were lacking in that area!

Sally Gosling
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My Dream....

I dream that all women can feel their OWN body go into labour AND, second dream, that all women can feel their OWN body do it's OWN expulsive pushing! (a truely life changing and mind blowing experience).

Ever heard much of these things? Please book in to educate with me NOW!! to hear a whole lot more!

Let's work together now and enjoy:

Stimulating and enlightening breakthroughs.

Intellectually-stimulating conversations.

Relationship work, team work, communication work, intimacy and bonding work.


Natalie Joy Meade
(GradDipC, GradDipPsyc, GradDipEd, BSc (Hons), CCB, CH)


You can breathe a sigh of relief....

Imagine breathing a big sigh of relief as you give yourself permission to set aside the overwhelming podcasts and the huge array of reading materials, and instead, work on a personal level, with a caring, wise guide, experienced at meeting you, wherever you are - right now.

Ready to get started?

Let's chat BIRTH!!!! Wohohohoo!!!

Respect and honour to the Awabakal and Worimi people as the original and wise custodians of this land. Honour to those who have birthed and breastfed their babies on this sacred land for more than 65,000 years.