Welcome to Hunter Birth Education

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Hi, my name is Natalie Meade. It is my absolute speciality to support, educate and inform women on their birth journeys and beyond. I’ve built this website to help local women know and access their choices, desires and needs...I hope that every woman can come to know -... Read More

Are all Antenatal Courses Created Equal?

Published by Natalie Meade on
antenatal courses
I wish I wish I wish!!! I wish that hospital courses empowered women to know their instincts, their power, their strength, their body wisdom....I wish that hospital courses taught women to discover their deep hormonal and emotional needs, desires and wants.... (and then - HOW to hav... Read More

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Respect and honour to the Awabakal and Worimi people as the original and wise custodians of this land. Honour to those who have birthed and breastfed their babies on this sacred land for more than 65,000 years.