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Your guide to finding a Doula in the Newcastle, Lake Mac, and Hunter Region.

Local, Birth and Postpartum Doulas - Hunter Region

(if you are a new doula to the area, please reach out and I will add you to the list - this is a free service for the benefit of all local pregnant women).

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Natalie Meade

During birth, I am your steady rock that completely believes in you, I am calm in the space as I completely believe in birth (I have had two births that both taught me so much and, helped me wake up to my deep, instinctual birth imprint).

During your birth you can look forward to being supported to be intuitive and to allow your body to do it’s special work.

My clients receive complimentary attendance at my courses and events during their pregnancy.


Emily Edgar

(currently only accepting postpartum work)

Great doula and does great post partum care as well. Emily is very bubbly and positive. She has a strong faith in birth.


Clancy Allen

(currently on maternity leave)

A strong and loving supporter of womens’ autonomy. As a former Lawyer, now Doula, Yoga teacher, Kinesiologist, and mother, Clancy lovingly supports you as you prepare for birth, on your terms. The preparation is deep and meaningful. Note: Clancy currently, solely supports births outside the system


Sarah (Yogi Mama)

Sarah loves the view of labour and birth as a right of passage and wants every woman to have support, information and love as they transition into strong, competent and capable mothers who trust themselves and know their innate feminine power.

Sarah has two children, she studied with the Australian Doula College and loves her work as a birth Doula and pre/postnatal yoga teacher.


Sammi Zajko

Peace on Earth, Begins with Birth.

For your complimentary, no obligations 15-minute session with Sammy, to see if she is a good fit for you and your birth, please contact her at her socials.


Caito Birthkeeper

(currently on maternity leave)

Caito/Catlin is passionate about womens’ births and is a caring, reliable woman.


Amanda Curmi

(currently pausing her service as a birth doula)

Birth and postpartum doula servicing the Newcastle, central coast and hunter valley regions. Amanda supports women who are home birthing with deep emotional support through many tools in yoga, ayurveda and massage to name a few. She has a deep passion for supporting women through this transformational time and believe the choices we make around birth can impact how future generations will thrive. Now offering Lomi Lomi massages too!


Ruth Minter

II have never met Ruth and can not comment, but I found her on google and I wanted to list as many choices here as possible)

Quote from her page: "Ruth hopes to help women understand the very natural process of labour and have a chance to talk through their concerns and hopes for their labour experience before they get there. She will also provide time to debrief their labour afterwards with in-home visits to support them and their new baby".

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A gentle, loving and connected soul. Elise facilitates a safe space where families can navigate their way through their birth preferences, fears and much more so they can feel relaxed, strong and prepared before and during the time their new arrival/s enter the world. Call Elise on 0401 535 333 to arrange a time for a no obligation, free initial meeting.

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Amanda Trieger

Supporting and nurturing women throughout their life seasons. Naturopathic and herbal medicine, Yoga and doula support for all seasons of a womans’ journey.

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Karen Scalen

Possibly not accepting doula clients for 2023 due to a busy work life.

What Karen is available to doula she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with midwifery work, hospital birth educator work and hypnobirthing work.


Jules Coffey

I have not personally met Jules at this time and can not add more info. I have seen her recommended and spoken of positively.

Doula and blogger

nikki grandjean hogg.jpg

Nikki Hogg

(I do not believe that Nikki is accepting Doula work at this time).
Birth and post-natal doula, prenatal yoga. Nikki feels she has been drawn to working with women, supporting them in discovering their mind and body connection and wisdom. Nikki is warm, genuine and friendly.

Post Partum Doulas


Emily Edgar

Does great post partum care. Emily is very bubbly and positive. Emily is a great listener and very sensitive to others needs.


Anna Cussack

Anna is a passionate woman who has even written and published a wonderful book “Mama you’re not broken”.


Lower Lake Macquarie Region. Cassie is a lovely, caring woman with great wisdoms and a patient nature.


Daniella Ruru

Now an experienced and Certified Life Coach with a renewed passion for the journey of pregnancy and the birth of the mother. I’ve studied the benefits and blessings of the Postpartum Doula with the informed and inspirational Julia Jones of Newborn Mothers. I’ve trained in Birth Story Listening and Birth Art Mentoring with Pam England of Birthing from Within, whose experience, depth and passion for supporting mothers holistically is so reassuring as to the value of our work.

Hoping to find a student doula? Head to this webpage at the Australian Doula College to see if they can assist you! You can also ring me or text me to check if I have recently been approached by any other student doulas offering themselves.

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