What is the Hunter Birth Education Centre?


The Hunter Birth Education Centre (HBEC) was created to fill a gap, to create a central website where women seeking answers about birth care options and birth education choices could find all the information in one location.

Our mission is to: Grow the positive future of birth and family well being.

We are a central location of information from preconception through to prenatal, birth, postnatal and parenting. We also offer services life doula, birth courses, hypnotherapy and counselling.

The Hunter Birth Education Centre strives to provide information that is science based, evidence based and ethical.

We strongly believe that health is holistic and we also believe it is essential that women and families receive emotional support, as well as the physical.

For other professionals in the area if you want to get on board, then this post is for you > “How to affiliate with the HBEC“.

All the best, Natalie Meade

Creator and Manager HBEC.