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Newcastle Private Hospital is a hospital in the Hunter offering Birth care

Information about Newcastle Private:

At the Newcastle Private Hospital the mothers prenatal care and birth are supported by an obstetrician.

Midwives also attend births but are closely overseen by Obstetrician policy, procedure and cultural expectation and requirements (policies vary from hospital to hospital and it is worth asking questions about).


We have provided some information about what Newcastle Private hospital provides for your interest, please contact the hospital directly for further questions or to book, we are not affiliated with any hospitals.

At Newcastle Private they offer:

QUOTE FROM THEIR PAGE: “Private birthing suites, 38 bed maternity ward and 8 bed Level 2 nursery.

An Allied health team of physiotherapists, social worker and lactation consultants are also be available. If required, you would also have access to a psychologist.

Antenatal classes include topics such as stages of labour and options for pain management and relief.

Education sessions are held and include information about feeding your baby, normal infant behaviour, settling your baby and understanding the physical changes you will experience after childbirth”.

Above quote is from this webpage:

Phone: (02) 4941 9266.

Important Note: I (Natalie Meade) consider it my duty of care to mention that although it is not indicative of all experiences or of all women.. there is a general trend of concern with private hospital birth outcomes as stated in the Mothers and Babies Report 2016 publication.2016 MOTHERS and BABIES REPORT:

FINDING: “Operative and instrumental births are more common among privately than publicly insured mothers.
Read more of the Report here

Are you interested in looking at the statistics for this hospital? Your individual circumstance will not necessarily reflect the stats, but the stats may help you have an understanding of what is happening to women birthing at this hospital as a general outcome.

Statistics gathered from the publicly available and easily accessible website:

Statistics – Data Table: Newcastle Private Hospital, NSW 2008 to 2017
Outcome of selected primipara (mums birthing for the first time),

Clinical indicator: Caesarean section
Year, Per cent
2008, 29.5
2009, 28.3
2010, 32.0
2011, 29.3
2012, 32.6
2013, 28.0
2014, 33.9
2015, 33.8
2016, 34.9
2017, 39.7
(TREND: Caesarean Section has been INCREASING)

Clinical indicator: Spontaneous vaginal birth
Year,    Per cent
2008,   41.7
2009,   45.8
2010,   39.2
2011,   41.4
2012,   41.3
2013,   42.9
2014,   38.8
2015,   40.8
2016,   34.9
2017,   35.2
(TREND: Spontaneous vaginal birth has been DECREASING)

Clinical indicator: Induction of labour
Year, Per cent
2008, 33.3
2009, 30.3
2010, 32.6
2011, 36.1
2012, 37.3
2013, 39.4
2014, 41.7
2015, 46.3
2016, 50.2
2017, 50.1
(TREND: Induction of Labour has been INCREASING)

Clinical indicator: Instrumental vaginal birth
Year, Per cent
2008, 28.8
2009, 25.9
2010, 28.8
2011, 29.3
2012, 26.1
2013, 29.0
2014, 26.7
2015, 25.4
2016, 30.1
2017, 25.1
(TREND: Instrumental vaginal birth has stayed around the same percentages)


I also consider it my duty of care as a private birth educator of many years, to share with you a few interesting FINANCIAL points that I have observed over my years working with a large variety of clients in a large variety of circumstances. This is only my personal observation that I share with you and there is no evidence based research to show these observations. 

Some families believe that using private health care will be financially beneficial for their birth experience but this is not necessarily the case – due to the high intervention rates that can occur in a private health billing system. Many families believe that using their private health will save them money, but many are surprised at the high cost of their birth once all bills are settled.

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