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From Natalie: 


 “Antental Education is an ESSENTIAL service, come and join, myself and a group, Face-to-Face. I love to help women to find joy, excitement and confidence in birth”

I LOVE being a birth educator in the Hunter! We have such an amazing birthie culture here and I am in such good company! I am surrounded by so many, awesome educators 🙂

Women choosing useful, wonderful, private styles birth education (eg Hypnobirthing, Calm Birth, She Births etc) is growing so fast !

Reach higher than the ‘standard’ course and you’ll be amazed at what you find !

And if you’re worried that high quality birth education is beyond your financial reach? 

This year, due to a very special, local community project you CAN do the style of birth education that you dream about and at affordable, not-for-profit prices!

This year I am running courses at the Newcastle Birth Movement Project as fundraisers and courses are being priced in alignment with the Movements’ values! Not for profit!

Find out more about the Movement, the prices and the dates available, by ringing or texting, Natalie Meade: 0406 934 645

Complete a “Hypnobirthing + Extras” Course with Birth Preparation Specialist, Natalie Meade.

This course is deluxe birth preparation. The first gift you will give to your baby.

You will gain:

> Hypno and calm birth-style learning and content
> A safer and smoother birth for you and your baby.
> Confidence in birth and parenting – Self calming and baby calming skills.
> Antenatal education helping you to work with your body and be more likely to enjoy birth!
> Mindfulness, Hypnosis and belly dance techniques for birth.

(240 per family)

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Complete a “One Precious Day” Course with Birth Preparation Specialist, Natalie Meade.

This one day program compiles the ‘best of the best’ of childbirth education from  numerous fields and programs of expertise.

Fields such as:

> Relationship and Birth Counselling
> Hypnobirthing
> Childbirth/Antenatal Education
> Psychology/Motivation Coaching
> Biological Science

This program has been specifically developed to ensure that if a woman/couple has only “One Precious Day” to prepare for birth, she can know she had done all she/they can do to increase their chance of a positive birth experience for herself – and her baby!

This one day, of precious birth education, covers:

> Hypnobirthing highlights
> Totally honest, practical, useful birth preparation.
> Mental preparation, emotional preparation and real, down to earth, content.
> Confidence in your bodies ability to birth (and the skills to work WITH your instinct).
> Improved relationships, improved intimacy and improved communication.
> Awareness of the use of breath as a powerful self calming and baby calming skill for birth, breastfeeding and parenting.
> Mindfulness/self hypnosis/guided meditation/relaxation.
> Tips to use during your birth.
> Visualising, planning and preparing for a positive birth.
> Education on how to build the optional birth environment.
> Education about your birth choices, birth rights and how to navigate the laws and policies in a hospital setting to achieve control and fully informed decision making in your birth adventure.

You also take home fear release soundtracks, plus, many useful birth resources.

(120 per family)


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Breastfeeding Education

Enrol a great BIRTH course as your number one breastfeeding priority.

We provide good quality prenatal breastfeeding tips, pointers and skills within our Private Birth Education courses and the ideal way to establish breastfeeding is to begin the journey with a positive birth experience.

We also refer you to the most effective breastfeeding courses available in your local area, as well as excellent resources and on-going supports.

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Reviews From Parents

Parents get so much from our unique Birth Education, here are a few snippets of some client feedback!

“Natalies’ Birth Education course enabled me to have an empowering birth experience.”

Amy and Rob, Newcastle

“A natural water birth, no stitches! Thank you”

Anita, NSW

“Natalie taught my husband and I amazing life skills”

Ben and Gem, Central Coast

Natalie covered a lot of important and useful things that the hospital antenatal class didn’t.

Carol, Wife of Surgeon, NSW

I experienced a very positive birth experience”

Nelly, Sydney

“In my birth I chose some minor interventions and I felt in control and happy about my choices!”

Elisa, Sydney

I would recommend The Hunter Birth Education Centre to any prospective parents”

Benjamin Alvarez, NSW

“When I reflect on labour I get excited because it was such a powerful experience!”

Gemma, Central Coast

“Natalies’ course gave me birthing confidence and confidence as a mother.”

Emma, Nelsons Bay

Growing the positive future of birth and family wellbeing

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Meet Natalie Meade, birth counsellor, educator and doula.

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What we offer is very unique and special! You can read all about the many advantages of Private Birth Education HERE.

Our courses cover all the key components of the Hospital-Run Birth and Parenting Courses – plus we cover a whole lot of special, fun and relaxing content too!

Ring Natalie (0406 934 645) to discuss and book your course, courses are usually run on Saturday or Sunday

(Please note: If you arrived at this page looking for standard hospital birth/parenting courses – We are NOT affiliated with any hospital. You can ring a local hospital to book their courses – the contact numbers are listed below for your convenience).

NOTE: When you do complete your birth and parenting education with us, we do recommend that you book yourself the birth suite tour with your local hospital (it is free of charge). Here is a link showing the schedule of dates available at the John Hunter Hospital . This allows you to familiarise yourself with your birthing space, which is also happening each time you attend any of your antenatal appointments.

If you do choose to go the standard route – the phone numbers of the local hospitals are listed below:

John Hunter Hospital Parenting Education Classes Bookings: (02) 4016 4595
Maitland Antenatal Classes Bookings: (02) 4939 2092
Newcastle Private Hospital, Phone: (02) 4941 9266.

Free Birth Suite Tour at JHH: to reserve your spot here are the contact details: –

Maternity Service tours are held fortnightly on either a Saturday afternoon or Wednesday evening at John Hunter Hospital.

Phone JHH at: 4016 4595
Their hours are: Monday to Friday 9am – 4pm
Or email their office:

BIRTH TOOL: The flowchart below can assist a newly pregnant woman as she guides and shapes her birth.

parenting education
Birth Chances Flowchart

“There is no other organ quite like the uterus. If men had such an organ they would brag about it. So should we.”

~Ina May Gaskin, Natural Birth Farm, Midwife of 30 years.  (98% of women at the Birth Farm birth naturally and vaginally).

Birth Education

“Being caring towards the mother is a simple action and can lead to more content, happier babies”
~ Natalie Meade

GradDipC, GradDipPsyc, GradDipEd, Bsc (Hons), CCE, CH.