From Natalie: 

“Antental Education is an ESSENTIAL service, come and join myself, and a group, Face-to-Face. I love to help women to find joy, excitement and confidence in birth”

Come and explore my affordable, excellent quality, private birth education at not-for-profit prices. 

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Complete a “Hypnobirthing + Extras” Course with Birth Preparation Specialist, Natalie Meade.

Book and enjoy this highly useful, five session, five week course, covering all things birth, plus key aspects of, breastfeeding and parenting readiness.

* Run on Sunday mornings to allow working partner the best chance of attending. 

Main aspects include:

> Hypnobirthing and calmbirth-style learning and content
> A safer, more joyful  and smoother birth for you and your baby.
> Confidence in birth and parenting – self calming and baby calming skills.
> Antenatal education helping you to know exactly how to work with your body
> Mindfulness, self-hypnosis and hip sway/belly breathing techniques for birth.

(normally valued at 550-650 privately in a small group, but currently only 240 when run as a fundraiser for the Newcastle Birth Movement)

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Complete a “One Precious Day” Course with Birth preparation specialist, Natalie Meade.

This One Day Course is a compilation of the ‘best of the best’ of childbirth preparation across all of Natalies’ areas of expertise, including hypnobirthing highlights.

Areas of expertise include:

> Relationship and Birth Counselling
> Hypnobirthing
> Childbirth Education
> Psychology/Motivation Coaching
> Biological Science

This program has been specifically developed to ensure that if a woman/couple has only “One Precious Day” to prepare for birth, she can know she had done all she/they can do to increase their chance of a positive birth experience for herself – and her baby!

This one day, of precious birth education, covers:

> Hypnobirthing highlights
> Totally honest, practical, useful birth preparation.
> Mental preparation, emotional preparation and real, down to earth, content.
> Confidence in your bodies ability to birth (and the skills to work WITH your instinct).
> Improved relationships, improved intimacy and improved communication.
> Awareness of the use of breath as a powerful self calming and baby calming skill for birth, breastfeeding and parenting.
> Mindfulness/self hypnosis/guided meditation/relaxation.
> Tips to use during your birth.
> Visualising, planning and preparing for a positive birth.
> Education on how to build the optional birth environment.
> Education about your birth choices, birth rights and how to navigate the laws and policies in a hospital setting to achieve control and fully informed decision making in your birth adventure.

You also take home fear release soundtracks, plus, many useful birth resources.

(valued between 220-340 privately, but currently only 140 when run as a fundraiser for the Newcastle Birth Movement project – that includes partners!)

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Breastfeeding Education

Enrol in our Birth Courses as your number one breastfeeding priority.

We provide key aspects of breastfeeding information within all of our birth preparation courses.

Plus, the ideal way to establish breastfeeding is to begin the journey with a positive birth experience.

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Hypnobirthing International, Mongan Method (2011-recent)

Did you know that only 4% of mums around Australia will take the action to do an amazing birth education course, for example, Hypnobirthing, Calmbirth or She Births. Sadly that leaves 96% of families who will miss out on  (and not even realise) the huge advantages of preparing for their birth through private birth education.

Could you be one of those rare 4% of mums?

A little about my own experiences of birthing (by Natalie Meade).

Personally, I feel that I’ve been VERY fortunate to have experienced two natural, vaginal births (I know, with hindsight only, that I was lucky to have certain factors (of great importance) on my side and I had them by sheer luck for my first birth!).

My first baby I did not do any special birth education. I just assumed the hospital/standard course options were the best choice and completely sfficient for my needs (like most women, I assume that). I knew nothing about birth or how to enjoy birth, welcome contractions or, ensure my best chance of a natural birth.

In contrast, by the time I birthed my second baby, I had eight years of experience as a birth educator/doula!

And my births were worlds apart. For my first birth I was tight, tense and scared. I felt out of control and panicky. I had no techniques, knowledge or skills to calm me or bring me positive feelings as the birth unfolded. It is a miracle I was supported an managed to birth naturally. The birth was very long, very painful and I felt very disconnected. 

For my most recent birth, my second birth (after a few miscarriages), I had amazing birth confidence, I enjoyed every moment, I birthed very smoothly and efficiently and I felt powerful and joyful.

A little about my work:

The Birth Education that I deliver has components from: relationship counselling; parenting education; psychology/neuroscience; midwifery wisdoms; conference learnings; clinical hypnotherapy; mindfulness; belly dance wisdoms, tantra/intimacy work; breastfeeding essentials, plus my own personal-journey-wise-learnings!


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Natalie 🙂

Studies show that Hypnobirthing (hypnosis for childbirth) has numerous positive outcomes:

  • shorter average length of labour
  • lower caesarean rates
  • infants with higher than average APGAR scores (measurement of the baby’s well being at the birth)
  • fewer cases of pre-eclampsia/dehydration
  • decreased use of medication such as gas and epidurals
  • decreased use of synthetic oxytocics or artificial rupture of membranes
  • increased ease and comfort of labour and birth (self-reported and observed)
  • greater emotional satisfaction for mothers as a result of having their birthing partners informed, involved and supportive.

In addition to this, the majority of women experiencing hypnosis during childbirth in their second or subsequent births report feeling more in control, confident, relaxed and focused, and less fearful, than during their other birthing experiences.[3][4][5]


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Client Testimonials

1st Baby Testimonial:

A natural water birth, no stitches! Thank you Natalie

Anita, NSW

1st Baby Testimonial:

Very grateful to have these life changing techniques, the whole course was very useful and you cover a lot of things that prenatal class didn’t

Carol, NSW

1st Baby Testimonial:

The course taught my husband and I life skills that we have applied with our parenting technique and in our work situations. The skills taught to me for my daughters birth day were incredible and I pushed that baby out without any fear and when I reflect on labour I get excited because it was such a powerful experience!

Gemma, Central Coast

1st Baby Testimonial:

Thank you, Scarlett came into the world by a drug free, vaginal birth with no interventions.

Whitney, Newcastle

VBAC Testimonial:

Yes! This was the birth that we wanted ! After two difficult c-section births – working with Natalie for our Birth preparation gave us a calm, relaxed, quick natural birth

Louise and Alex, Central Coast