Let’s meet up and chat birth ! 

Hi, my name is Natalie Meade and I am a local Birth Doula.

(Other skills: I am also a hypnobirthing educator and birth counsellor). 

I would be honoured to be considered as one of your many doula choices. 

Call me for a free, fifteen minute, birth-consult: 0406 934 645

And then let’s aim for a Face to Face chat as soon as possible. As you can imagine, it is so important to find a doula that you feel comfortable with – mood and emotion play a significant role in birth.

Meeting face to face: At our meeting, we can hope for that initial, comfortable ‘click’ that helps you know that you can feel happy and glad to work with me.

Still, you might continue to meet as many doulas as you require, until you are fully satisfied you have found a woman that you WANT to invite into your birth space.

Read about my doula support package further below and to help you find many choices, I have compiled a list of local doulas (click here) to assist you 🙂



More about myself and my doula services (Natalie):


Image below: Myself and my daughter – my precious ‘rainbow’ baby.doula newcastle


More about my commitment to women and Doula-ing.


When I commit to a doula role, I place that women and her birth above all else on my work and personal calendar. I am fully available, at the drop of a hat, especially as your birthing day approaches. I also have a team of back up doulas that are ready to assist in case of a medical emergency. 

My career: After supporting women as an educator, on the phone for birth, on many large Facebook groups giving online support and LEARNING vast amounts of wisdoms from women, conferences, podcasts, doula courses and homebirth and hospital  midwives/birth experts – from all over the world. I finally decided I was ready to accept womens’ requests to attend their births in person. 

I have had the absolute pleasure of supporting over twenty births in person now and I absolutely love the team work that forms with the woman, her family and birth workers (and the baby too – they are an active participant in birth). 

Being a Doula is a very special career. 


I am a proud member of the largest, professional Association of Doulas in Australia – the “Doula Network Australia” and I am fully insured as a doula, birth educator, birth counsellor and clinical hypnotherapist.



My doula package fee is priced as super, affordable as possible at $1,650 and includes:

* Three, at-your-home, visits, of approx 1.5 hrs duration and including birth education and discussions to ensure I am very clear on what you want for your birth… from me and from your environment. We also cover deeper work and emotional support and prep. 

Complimentary access to all birth education courses and events that I am running during your pregnancy. (most families utilise this benefit by completing a full hypnobirthing course with me).

* Unlimited access to myself during your pregnancy via phone, text and email on demand for any worries, questions or concerns that arise. I do not place limits or rules around this communication. There will be some weeks we chat numerous times for hours (if something big come up)… and other weeks where we send a quick text here and there! 

* Full support at your birth (including home visits in early labour if the woman wishes for this)

* Myself, on hold for you for five weeks, or longer, around your 40 week gestation (3 weeks before.. and two weeks after or until baby is ready to birth).

* My skills and techniques as you desire them, as a counsellor, birth educator and a clinical hypnotherapist.

NOTE: Exact visit numbers are dependent on your level of contact you
have with me during your pregnancy through other birth preparation activities. (because I run the Newcastle Birth Movement, we may have MANY interactions during your pregnancy). 


Next steps I might suggest are:


1. Let me know your 40 week gestation date and I can check my availability


2. If I am available and we have a good phone chat, let’s meet face to face to allow you to get more a feel for me, you’ll be able to decide what your gut instinct tells you about inviting me into your birthing space.


3. Contact me to book me. I will give you your copy of our contract and details of how to pay your deposit to secure the booking. We can book our appointments together.




Email or phone me to chat further,  




Click here to contact: Natalie Meade (GradDipC, GradDipPsyc, GradDipEd, Bsc (Hons), CCE, CH).







What is a Doula?


A doula can, and is, an absolute game-changer for womens’ birth experiences. She is your portable reassurance, patience and connection person.


When other people in your support circles may be getting stressed out, freaked out or just too rushed or too worried, she remains steadfast by your side, believing in you and sending out the vibe “you’ve got this”!


A birth doula is there for you for the entire journey (pregnancy, birth and postpartum) – she is there for all the things you may need or want, she brings birth education and information, she is emotionally supportive and reassuring and she can, if you find a really great doula, bring with her unshakable faith in the birthing process.


Often your Doula has birthed naturally a number of times herself and she emits a strong faith in womens’ bodies into your birth space. Other Doulas may have had a hard birth, or disrupted birth, but have learnt great wisdoms from these experiences.


In a stressful, unpredictable birth environment with many staff changing shifts, the doula is your calming and reassuring presence throughout (although this can depend on a variety of factors and/or experience levels).




Doulas can provide relaxing massage!


For a relatively affordable fee (packages range from about $350/500 for a student doula through to about $1,400 – 2,000 for a doula that is experienced, mature, professional and provides extra skills and services in her package, such as counselling, hypnosis for childbirth, private birth education, mindfulness, yoga etc).


Click here for a LIST of local, Hunter doulas.


A Birth Supporter (Doula) believes in the process of birth and the impact it has on parenting:


> She is a great, respectful listener
> She explains birth jargon and information and then gives the woman space to make her own informed decisions
> She trusts the woman’s instincts
> She acknowledges the power of birth


Doulas specialise in non-medical skills and do not perform clinical tasks, such as vaginal exams or foetal heart rate monitoring.


Doulas help to facilitate the environment to help the mother to make calm, informed decisions during birth.


Research shows, Doula advantages.


Cochrane studies tell us that “Continuous support from a person who is present solely to provide support, is not a member of the womens’ social network, is experienced in providing labour support, and has at least a modest amount of training, appears to be most beneficial support for a labouring woman” (March 2011).


After examining twenty-one trials involving over 15,000 women, the review authors found that women who received continuous support during labour:


-were more likely to have a spontaneous vaginal birth
-were less likely to have analgesia during labour (ie: epidural)
-were less likely to report dissatisfaction with their labours
-had shorter labours
-were more likely to give birth without caesarean, vacuum or forceps
-were less likely to have regional analgesia
-were less likely to have babies with low 5 minute Apgar score




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