Breastfeeding is a very natural way for a mammal (like us) to nourish her young.

But sadly we are living ANYTHING but a natural lifestyle.

Given the circumstances we find ourselves in, it could be considered essential for you to do breastfeeding preparation courses and to surround yourself with a large body of support and expert knowledge.

From Natalie Meade: “As a birth educator I strongly suggest that you consider seeking MORE than standard hospital courses and ‘lactation consultants’ especially if circumstances could arise that might cause attachment or supply issues (surgical birth, medications, mother-baby separations, stress, exhaustion and many more reasons)”.

The Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) is a great resource and offers great Breastfeeding Courses for women during pregnancy and beyond. There are three ABA groups active in the region and they offer the four hour course regularly. They are extremely affordable as the team bringing to the area are extremely passionate about spreading useful, relevant and evidence based breastfeeding knowledge. Find a course here>>

Doing most independent birth education courses will usually equip you with essential tips and techniques for increasing your chances of successful breastfeeding (just check with your chosen practitioner).

Having a consult with a Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) will ensure you are supported by a highly qualified and specialised ‘Lactation consultant’. If you call Natalie she will be happy to pass you on some good referral information.

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Good luck for your birth and the early days of feeding your bub

You can also access wisdom before you birth

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“Breastfeeding your baby would ideally be an enjoyable, bonding experience for both of you. Instead it can often be an unsupported, lonely and stressful time”.