Birth Trauma Counselling

Birth Trauma Counselling

At Hunter Birth Education Centre we emphasize the importance of emotional well being and recommend women seek counselling to heal previous birth and/or other trauma.

Healing from past experiences can allow you be more free to embrace newer, more positive experiences in your life, your birth and your childrens’ lives.

Other family members may also have trauma they can heal from.

All families are a system, each member feeds back and affects other members, please also consider couples counselling, family systems counselling and/or individual counselling for all family members.

For more information/referrals call the

Hunter Birth Education Centre.

0406 934 645

Birth Trauma Links to begin your healing journey:

Tools For Healing

Myths and truths about healing after Ceasarean

Links to useful information and support organisations:

Birth Counselling – Reach for support now

Call Natalie for a chat about your support options and also just a relaxed, free ten minute “Chat with Nat”, Natalie is a counsellor and experienced in telephone crisis support. 040 934 645


P.A.N.D.A is an amazing phone service that is there for any woman and any family member, at any part of the pregnancy, birth and parenting journey.

birth counselling and birth trauma

birth counselling and birth trauma