Vaccination rules at hospital

Current rules allow a pregnant woman to have TWO x “participants in care” and neither requires any particular vaccination status. 

This means you may have your partner and your doula and if you have a natural birth/natural health doula who is choosing to say “no thanks” to the C-gene-therapy-injection, you may have her attend your birth and assist you to have an amazing birth experience 🙂

By now in the Hunter, most natural birth/natural health doulas (and mot people in general) have had natural C and now have natural C immunity. 

QUOTE from Health NSW, dated 27th April 2022.

  • “Participants in care should be supported to attend during labour, birth and the immediate postnatal period, regardless of their COVID-19 vaccination status.”

More info and FAQ for all NSW Health, see this link:

doula newcastle

doula newcastle