‘Two Precious Days’ Birth Course

Hi! I am currently running my special “One Precious Day” course as a two day format. This has been great as it allows us extra time and depth and topics and also allows a full week to digest and and process day ones learnings. 

Next “Two Precious Day” course (yes, there are some spots available, get in quick!):


First precious day: Sunday, June 26th, 2022

Second precious day: Sunday, July 3rd, 2022.

Times for each day: 9.30 am – 3.00pm (time is set aside for your lunch break)

Natalie Meade is running this course as a special-opportunity, not-for-profit event. You can gain a spot for the donated amount of $175* (A two day course of this quality and content is normally valued between 340-600 when run privately).*Your support person comes along at no charge – as part of your spot. Just advise numbers and names in advance.

Location: A comfortable, homely workshop space at Hamilton. 

Atmosphere: Down to earth, relaxed, real and fun.


Parents mention how glad they are to have found this style of birth education! This program has been specifically developed to ensure that if a woman/couple has only “Two Precious Days” to prepare for birth, she can know she had done all she/they can do to increase their chance of a positive birth experience for herself – and her baby!

This two days, of precious birth education, covers:

> Hypnobirthing highlights
> Totally honest, practical, useful birth preparation.
> Mental preparation, emotional preparation and real, down to earth, content.
> Confidence in your bodies ability to birth (and the skills to work WITH your instinct).
> Improved relationships, improved intimacy and improved communication.
> Awareness of the use of breath as a powerful self calming and baby calming skill for birth, breastfeeding and parenting.
> Mindfulness/self hypnosis/guided meditation/relaxation.
> Tips to use during your birth.
> Visualising, planning and preparing for a positive birth.
> Education on how to build the optional birth environment.
> Education about your birth choices, birth rights and how to navigate the laws and policies in a hospital setting to achieve control and fully informed decision making in your birth adventure.

You also take home fear release soundtracks, plus, many useful birth resources.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: We are following all of the COVID policies and procedures.

Vaccine status: This is an essential service and open to all. All welcome.

To pay and secure your spot/ask questions etc, Contact Natalie directly on: 0406 934 645

E: natalie.meade@hotmail.com

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