Curious mums, hundreds of clients

Dear fellow birth educators,

I feel so happy and excited when I hear a mum being curious about antenatal education!

I often hear: “I heard of HypnoBirthing and wondered if it was worth the money”,
or, “What is the difference between Calm Birth and HypnoBirthing? ”
or, “Have you heard of Lamaze, She Births, Birth Savvy, Birth from Within, Wise Hippo…?”

…the questions go on.

curious mums

I believe that these curious questions show us that a woman is in a state of being open to independent birth education and that as birth educators we have a great chance to give positive encouragement to these women!

We get a chance to assure her that the course she is curious about, is wonderful and worth doing (whether we teach it or not). This woman is right on the edge of enrolling if she is encouraged with positivity! And if she enrols, it could well be, one of the luckiest moments of her life!

The last thing she needs is a big lecture about “other courses” and all the “differences”. No pregnant woman wants to find herself feeling confused and unsure.

Discussing differences could suggest that some courses are “right”, and by default, that some courses are “wrong”.

Please don’t kill the mothers enthusiasm with tedious comparisons of available courses…

All Independent Birth Education courses are totally awesome!!!

I will say that again!

ALL INDEPENDENT Birth Education Courses are totally awesome and wonderful! They are all packed full of great quality information to prepare a woman for her birth.

Any woman, doing any independent birth preparation, will be guaranteed to have a more positive birth experience for having done it 🙂

curious mums

Tell yourself the truth! All the courses cover the exact same essentials and most of the identical tools and tips!

Surely we must admit to ourselves that topics like the following are just normal in a birth education course:
eg. hormones and physiology, trust in birth, birth as having normal physiological pain, reducing fear-tension-pain, relaxing and breathing into natural birth trance/zone, partner involvement eg acupressure, massage, positive words of encouragement, being active during birth, following gut instinct, working with gravity, pelvic opening positions, relaxing open the jaw, meeting the womans’ needs for privacy, safety, environment, choosing caregivers carefully, following evidence based research, humans rights in childbirth, ways to question medical care providers … blah, blah, blah… the list goes on.. these are really just standard for any current independent birth education program!).

Listening to tedious explanations of differences and competitive comments about other courses is just going to ruin her awesome birthing MOJO!

Is it to try and get clients? I am assuming this is why programs are doing this? Or is this just some human psychology thing where us humans want to convince ourselves that our course is original, special, better?

Yes, I say “us humans” because I have caught myself doing this in the past too! I sometimes still need to remind myself that birth education is not a competition, it is about improving birth for women and families!

Please take a moment to reflect on this next sentence…

There – is – NO – shortage – of – clients!

There are hundreds of thousands of clients being herded into the hospital courses every month in this country and these pregnant mums have no idea what they are missing out on.

Here is my idea, the next time a woman seems curious about an independent birth course, just say to her:

“That course is awesome – enrol now – go do it!”

And you could always add:

“It will change your life forever in a positive way.”

and, “Congratulations for having the open mindedness to explore something special for your birth”.

You could also share this link that really drives the point home… i.e. don’t waste your time and money on a run-of-the-mill, hospital course!

If we work together to keep women in a state of curiosity, we will change birth quicker and it will feel nicer 🙂

That’s my idea, I hope you like it.

Natalie Meade

Hunter Birth Education Centre,

Newcastle, NSW, Australia

0406 934 645

p.s. I have attempted to list and tag all birth courses available in Australia, I bet I missed tons, please email me to let me know about your program and I will add it to this blog post.