How to contribute

Local evidenced based professionals are welcomed in to contribute information to our website.

Prerequisites include:

  • Highly trained and educated in your field
  • Well qualified and a member of a reputable association
  • Practicing evidence based/science based practice
  • That you abide by any guidelines and/or laws relating to your industry

Professionals are contacting the centre and contributing information articles within the following broad categories:

  • Prenatal wellness
  • Postnatal wellness
  • Preconception wellness
  • Birth Education

Professionals who are invited to contribute also have their photo, contact details and webpage included with their article.

There is no financial cost or fee to contribute.

The priority is to get high quality information published – for the benefit of our community.

The priority is to get mothers supported well!

The priority is to get families supported well!

Call and ask for Natalie Meade (Creator and Manager HBEC).

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