Relationship Counselling

During pregnancy and early parenting can be a vital time to work on loving connection with your partner.

The adults are the strength of the family, they are the role models! Your children will learn what connection and love look like, from watching you.

It is normal for big changes (for example hormonal changes) to bring further big changes (for instance feeling sof self doubt, depression, anxiety) and often with big changes, comes big challenges.

Your child in utero is already learning from your interactions each day.

When a person enters the room, the pregnant woman has an emotional response, this is then expressed hormonally/chemically through the mothers blood to the babies brain, her baby receives this chemical message through the placenta and then learns this emotional feeling linked to that person who entered the room.

How affectionate, sexual and trusting is the bond currently?

From utero to age five years, children are busy developing learned patterns that they will utilise for their whole lives.

Relationship Counselling

Relationship and Intimacy Counselling during pregnancy can ensure that the woman, baby and partner are achieving the most positive relationship possible leading up to birth and parenting.

Intimacy Counselling after birth can ensure that parents are on the same page, staying connected and creating loving, affectionate role models for their childrens’ own lives.

“Your pre-born child is aware. Brain activity starts at six weeks, with a functioning cortex by twenty-eight weeks”

Frederick Wirth M.D.


relationship counselling





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