Positive Kids Courses

Positive Kids Courses

Run locally by a qualified and experienced facilitator, these courses help kids to learn at an early age how to overcome come low self esteem, anxiety, emotional issues and bullying.

Positive Kids uses a unique combination of fun yoga for kids, meditation which revolves around visualisation story time, stretching, breathing, as well as positive affirmations, relaxation techniques and creative dancing.

positive kids courses

The themes of the classes are based around nature, which allows the kids to explore their imagination, while having fun and learning vital skills that will help them develop and grow in a happy and positive manner.

When children are happy and positive they thrive and succeed and tackle challenges head on.

Positive Kids Courses can be undertaken with children individually, or in small groups, to help them to grow into positive, relaxed happy adults.

10 Week program, CLASS TITLES

WEEK 1 Letting go – Learning to let go of fears and anxieties
WEEK 2 Friends – Importance of friends and how to appreciate their differences
WEEK 3 Breathing Control – Focusing on the breathe
WEEK 4 Calm and Still – Achieving so much more if we are relaxed
WEEK 5 Positive Thinking – Always looking at the bright side
WEEK 6 Safe and Secure – Identifying with nature
WEEK 7 Happy – Happiness makes us a better person
WEEK 8 Mindfulness=Gratitude – Enjoying the small things in life
WEEK 9 Self Confidence – To honour and cherish ourselves
WEEK 10 Forgiveness – Understanding why it is better to let go of grudges

positive kids courses

Children just love Positive Kids classes

Looking for something different for your birthday party, or a group get together, why not select some of the weeks listed above and ask Stacey to put it into party format for your child and their friends! Fun and Unique!

For more information on class times and sessions contact Stacey 0421 137 740.

Or Visit http://positiveperceptions.com.au/positive-kids/

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positive kids courses