Naturopath for pregnancy

This page information is with thanks to, local expert in naturopath pregnancy care, Cheree Sheldon.

Cheree is a nutritionist and naturopath who is passionate about supporting women as they journey to become mothers. Using natural medicine to assist fertility, support a healthy pregnancy, empower birth, and nourish post partum, Cheree will help you with your health goals in this exciting time of life.

How can Naturopathy and Nutrition help with fertility, pregnancy, birth and postpartum?

  • By ensuring you are not just getting adequate amounts of vitamins and mineral, but that your nutritional intake is at optimal level.
  • By looking at your individual needs and adjusting your diet or supplements to you. For example, women with the MTHFR snp, may need extra folate supplementation in the form of methyl folate and/or folinic acid, and extra green leafy vegetable intake.
  • Through customised herbal tonics that help with symptom relief (like depression, hormone imbalance, wound healing or insomnia).
  • Nutritional medicine can help with symptoms like heart burn, cramps, nausea, and anxiety.
  • During pregnancy herbs can be used to tone the muscles in the uterus in preparation for birth. During birth, herbal medicine can help with stamina, pain, emotional symptoms and support smooth contractions.
  • Postpartum natural medicine can be utilised to assist healing, help balance hormones, gently and safely detox medications that may have been used in birth, promote milk production and help with mums mental health.

And an even more personal note from Cheree: “As a Naturopath I love to help women as they transition to motherhood. As a mother, I’ve had traumatic births, pregnancy loss, and high risk pregnancies, but using all the knowledge that I studied, I turned my last pregnancy into a positive experience. I am passionate about applying what I have learnt so women can have positive pregnancy, births and feel supported as new mums”.


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