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Calmbirth Antenatal Education is a local Birth Education Option in the Hunter region.

Calmbirth Birth Courses are a great choice for birth education and all programs originate from the original programs like Hypnobirthing and Lamaze . 

Calmbirth was made famous in the Hunter thanks to the great work of Penny Williams, a local expert in birth and breastfeeding education. Penny has sadly retired from delivering courses since September 2019! 

Please be assured if you are seeking the benefits of Calmbirth, you can still find them in the Hunter!  Either through a course, or through hypnobirthing courses.

Calmbirth even recently became available through the  hospital course choices (for 550 per family). They are being run by a lovely german midwife with a positive reputation and receiving  great feedback. 

I can also invite you to consider doing a hypnobirthing course with myself (we run them at the Newcastle Birth Movement Project, not for profit and affordable, for only 285 per family).

If you decide to continue seeking calmbirth specifically, either search the Calmbirth site to find other educators available, or give the John Hunter Hospital a call to check for spots. 

We have listed some Calmbirth information below for your interest.

Please contact local Calmbirth Practitioners to ask further questions and to book in, as we are not affiliated with Calmbirth.

A direct quote from the main Calmbirth Website:

“Calmbirth prepares couples mentally, emotionally and physically for the birth of their baby. Calmbirth® understands the interrelationship between the mind and body – how our bodies react to our thoughts. Calmbirth® uses this mind- body connection to assist couples to replace the fear, stress and anxiety about giving birth with the knowledge and skills to birth their baby calmly, fearlessly, safely and confidently.”

And a further direct quote:

“Couples are guided through relaxation, meditation and breathing exercises and techniques that teach them how to tap into a wonderful inner resource called— the relaxation response.

The relaxation response is a person’s innate ability to evoke a bodily calm allowing them to counteract the harmful effects of stress, thus providing an atmosphere for emotional and physical healing. During birth the relaxation response is powerful, enabling a mother to work with her physiology and not against it.”

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Although we do not currently offer Calmbirth through the Hunter Birth Education Centre.  Call myself (Natalie) and I’d love to share some good referrals with you.

Gwen from Hunter Doula is a wonderful , local calm birth practitioner, find out more about her here:

Alternatively, here is a link to what we do offer (as equal alternatives to Calmbirth).

Natalie: 0406 934 645

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For more about the birth education services that we do currently offer READ ABOUT YOUR CHOICES HERE