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The Hunter Birth Education Centre is dedicated to keeping you up to date on the latest birth policies, statements, research findings and evidence based recommendations from Birth Experts and Health Organisations here and worldwide.

It is possible that you will find these birth resources eye opening.

Most importantly (and what many families find very hard to comprehend or fathom) there is often an OVERUSE of interventions and even medications. This is due to the “erring on the side of caution” and fear of litigation for under action!

This leads to the creation of medical environments based often on, what we term, “MEDICAL ANXIETY” (defined as the condition whereby a medical care provider is so worried about any possible ill health of the baby in utero that they then feel worry, nervousness or unease about how the birth is unfolding while caring for the pregnant woman. Often this anxiety will then present as a strong desire or concern to do something or for something to happen which can then lead to (possibly) premature suggestions for intervention measures in an attempt to get the baby earthside.

The goal of consumers is therefore to be aware of this and to prepare and educate themselves to ensure that they avoid unnecessary rush or pressure on their birth and that they make informed choices!

There is also a current overuse of unnecessary surgery. Australias’ ceasarean rate is 33% and the World Health orgamisation recommends it be 10-15% for positive outcomes for birth.

QUOTE: “when caesarean section rates rise above 15%, risks of adverse health outcomes begin to outweigh the benefits.”

–  Einarsdóttir K, Kemp A, Haggar FA, Moorin RE, Gunnell AS, et al. (2012) Increase in Caesarean Deliveries after the Australian Private Health Insurance Incentive Policy Reforms.

These birth resources are a good starting point to educate yourself about birth, birth choices and birth planning.

birth resources