Birth Care Choices?

~ Birth is such an important time ~

When a women is cared for with respect during pregnancy, birth and early motherhood, it can have a lasting effect on her, her baby, her family and the community.

As you explore your various birth care choices, be aware that the environment can be a major factor contributing to your bodies ability to birth smoothly.

 As you plan your Birth Care…

Aim to find and choose a provider
that is open to:

* Dim lighting

* Relaxation tracks and music

* Loving, patient care

* Sensual intimacy between couples

* Doula’s welcomed and valued

* Privacy and minimal intrusion

* Close, skilled observation of the mother (performed quietly and unobtrusively)

* Responding to symptoms of medical need calmly and compassionately.

A great quote: 

“If I don’t KNOW my options,
Then I don’t have any”.

~Diana Korte


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