Birth Care Choices?

Planning your Birth Care Choices?

~~ Birth is such an important time ~

When a women is cared for with respect during pregnancy, birth and early motherhood, it can have a lasting effect on her, her baby, her family and the community.

As you explore your various birth care choices, be aware that the environment can be a major factor contributing to your bodies ability to birth smoothly.


As you plan your Birth Care Choices…
Aim to find and choose a provider
that is open to:

* Dim lighting

* Relaxation tracks and music

* Loving, patient care

* Sensual intimacy between couples

* Doula’s welcomed and valued

* Privacy and minimal intrusion

* Close, skilled observation of the mother (performed quietly and unobtrusively)

* Responding to symptoms of medical need calmly and compassionately.

“If I don’t KNOW my options,
Then I don’t have any”.

~Diana Korte


We have created a tool to allow you to begin to see how the PLACE you choose to birth has an effect on your birth, this is because birth “management” styles differ from place to place.

As you look through the ‘Birth Chances Flowchart’ you may begin to reflect upon your birth care choices.

birth care choices
Birth Chances Flowchart