Pregnancy Pamper, open now!

Mums Cruisin’


‘Me-time for Mums-to-be’


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Welcome to a pamper-packed day full of:
fun, food and workshops!

pregnancy pamper

You will you go home feeling spoilt, invigorated, relaxed…

(and confident for birth!)

You will enjoy your choice of pamper massage….

pregnancy massage

You will enjoy your choice of lunch and dessert at a delicious restaurant… (with water views!)


pregnancy pampper



… Imagine a day peppered with three USEFUL, workshops!!

(Yes useful!!!)

Workshop 1: ‘Birth – Positive Birth and how to get it!’

(This workshop is enjoyed by the lakeside and includes a birth trivia game and a unique, interesting fear release ceremony)

Workshop 2: ‘Relaxation – How ON EARTH do you relax in the middle of a painful labour!!??’

(This workshop is enjoyed immersed in water and relaxing with massage)

Workshop 3: ‘You as a Mother – calming your fears and fulfilling your needs!

(This workshop is served alongside a delicious lunch and dessert with relaxing, water views).

And for mums’ who REALLY like to be cared for, enjoy FREE TRAVEL on the ‘Bump Bus’!

Your experience is run and hosted by Natalie Meade – a birth doula at your full disposal.

Caring for you, like only a doula can!

Guest feedback:

“A friendly and easy-going environment”.

Hannah, 40 weeks, Newcastle

“Such a caring hostess!”

Catherine, 36 weeks, Berry Park

“Surprised by the friendships made”

Casey, 30 weeks, Morriset

“An excellent pampering package for pregnant mums”

Belinda, 23 weeks, Barnsley

“I felt really cared for”

Nicola, 40 weeks, Charlestown

“I had so much fun and laughs!”

Lara, 34 weeks, Lake Macquarie

Mums Cruisin’,
Me-time for mums-to-be!

Bookings open for the next ‘Cruise’ now!

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A typical Mums Cruisin’ day:

9.00 am: Meet at a pick up point and enjoy the ‘Bump Bus’ for free travel.

9.15 am Enjoy a fun, birth trivia game.

9.30 am Birth Workshop One – By the lake!

10.20 am Free travel on the Bump Bus to the ‘Secret Garden’ Day Spa.

10.30 am: Birth Workshop Two – With your legs in the water!

11.00 am Hang out in the spa/pool, have some ‘preggie’ chats and be whisked away to enjoy your personal twenty minute pamper!

12.30 am Free bus travel from the Day Spa to a delicious restaurant with water views.

12.45 am – 1.15 pm Pure bliss: Eating and relaxing. Lunch and dessert all included.

1.15 – 2.00 pm:  ‘I am a Mother’ Workshop – Enjoy a relaxing beverage as you have your mothering and relationship fears eased. Plus, you’ll enjoy some essential tips for parenting a newborn.

2 pm – 2.30 pm: Home and rest time!

Enjoy some more free travel as you head home to have a satisfying “lie down” (that’s code for SLEEP, lol)

Meet and bond with other pregnant mums – all birthing soon.

pregnancy pamper

What’s the cost?

* Supplied snacks and beverages

(value $15)

* Delicious lunch and dessert overlooking the water

(value $30)

* Natalie Meade caring for you as your doula for the day

(value over $100)

* A professional massage of your choice (20 mins)

(value $45)

* Warm spa relaxation/cool pool swim, sunchair relaxation

(value $15)

* Birth education and mothering workshops

(value over $100)

* The option of free travel – via our fun ‘Bump Bus’ 🙂

(unforgettable and priceless)

* Improved mood and positive feelings for you and your baby


* Bonding and chatting with other pregnant women

(unforgettable and priceless)

Mums Cruisin’ certainly includes a great array of activities and valuable inclusions!


As an introductory offer, we are currently booking pregnant women for the very special price of $189*.

Contact to ask about availabilities

 ‘Mums Cruisin’ as a gift!

What pregnant women are saying:

“Such a unique idea, I am so excited”

“I am looking forward to this new and different pregnancy gift” 

“Please don’t email my partner until one week before, as it is a surprise for her


Mums Cruisin

Mums Cruisin’

Next ‘Cruise’ takes place on: Saturday, 30th March, 2019.

(Followed by another “Cruise” on Saturday, May 11th, 2019)

Booking enquiries:
Text or call, Natalie Meade
0406 934 645


* Prices subject to increase
^ Pick up and drop off points for free ‘Bump Bus’ travel have some restrictions. Call to ask more.

Guests share more feedback:

“Floating around in the spa & being pampered made for a wonderful day”

Hannah, 40 weeks, Newcastle

“Natalie you were so accommodating to our needs!”

Catherine, 36 weeks, Berry Park

“I felt nurtured and pampered the whole trip.”

Casey, 30 weeks, Morriset

“The moment we got on the ‘Bump Bus’, we were all sharing something special”

Belinda, 23 weeks, Barnsley

“It was so nice being driven, instead of doing the driving for once”

Nicola, 40 weeks, Charlestown

“I loved the new friendships and amazing food, one of the best days I have ever had!”

Lara, 34 weeks, Lake Macquarie

Mums Cruisin’,

Me-time for mums-to-be!

Booking now – Contact Natalie to secure your spot!

Contact details here!

Thank you to some of the amazing hosts we have worked with so far:

Thank you to the day spa host, ‘The Secret Garden’ at Warners Bay, your place is gorgeous and we can’t wait to come back again! The hospitality of Shelley and her team is beautiful. Thank you for your help with our pregnancy pamper service.

Thank you to “Serenity Spa” at Balcolyn. Our mums had such blissful massages with you! It is such a shame that you are a long drive away, but we will certainly visit again if we get the service running closer to you in the future. Thank you for your help with our pregnancy pamper service.

Thank you to Elizabeth from “Vegan Ahimsa Yoga Shala” at New Lambton Heights. Your place is amazing Elizabeth, thank you for your hospitality, your pre-natal yoga expertise and for being the buses’ first ever HOST! Thank you for your help with our pregnancy pamper service.

Thank you to “Transend Health” at Broadmeadow, we loved your Pelvic Floor Workshop and Caitys’ hospitality! Thank you for your help with our pregnancy pamper service.

*To register your interest in being a host in the future, fill in this quick and simple survey form*