“It is not natural for one women to continually mother her baby around a 24 hour clock with no breaks” (Natalie Meade)

The reality!

post natal doula

…and the fantasy!

post natal doula

Post Natal Doula Information, by Jenna Affleck.

“Following the birth of a baby, every mother deserves to feel supported with nurturing love.

Traditionally, this support came from female relatives within the village. Now days our villages have changed, and while some of us are lucky enough to have our mum just around the corner, for many of us, we rely solely on our partner, busy working friends or anonymous online forums for this support.

That is where Postpartum doulas play a vital role.

Coming to your home, a postpartum doula works with you and your family offering variety of services, to create a caring peaceful space, where you can rest and recover. Providing you with some rejuvenation can greatly assist the energy you have for your new baby. Providing you with confidence can greatly assist the emotional wellbeing of the whole family.

Postpartum care is often referred to as ‘mothering the mother’.

What service does a Postpartum doula commonly provide?

Professional Birth Story Listening
Light house duties
Cooking meals in your home
Assisting with other children
Feeding Support
Ideas to assist with common problems (family dynamics, sleep, minor ailments)
Adult conversation and company! lol
Non-judgemental listening
Facilitation of decision making and problem solving processes
Referrals to specialist supports and services
An extra set of hands to assist with baby (baby holding at your request)

A postpartum doula won’t just pop in quickly and clean your floors, they are there to support you in whatever way that’s most required on the day. Sometimes that may be help with cleaning, often it is a hearing ear and shoulder to lean on”.

This information was supplied by Post Natal Doula, Jenna Affleck.

Thank you Jenna!

Post natal doula


And here is a personal message about her work, from Jenna:

My name’s Jenna,
As a Postpartum Doula, I offer emotional and physical support for mums and their family in the months following the birth of their baby.

I believe during the postnatal period, every mum deserves the love and nurturing support of a village. Our modern-day family dynamics and location often make that support difficult to access.

As your Postpartum Doula, I come to your home and work with you to ensure you feel nurtured nourished and energized to be the mother you truly feel you are.

post natal doula

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