Positive Birth Movement Newcastle

The “Positive Birth Movement Newcastle” is a local, birth support community group and space at 21 Gordon Avenue, Hamilton 🙂

The Positive Birth Movement Newcastle is run by passionate and caring birth professionals, educators and doulas (all working as volunteers, passionately igniting birth energy in our local area).

For a suggested donation of 200 dollars (this covers our rent for one week), we invite you to enjoy a one year, full access pass to all of our great pregnancy (and postpartum) workshops, events and courses. We also invite you, after you have birthed your child, to gift us an extra “pay what you gain” donation, of any amount you feel inspired to make, to further help our community work to continue long term.

What is the group all about:

Our monthly birth support meeting discussions are free to attend, open to all and always about increasing positivity about birth.

If you would like to hear positive birth stories and be exposed to useful, accurate, evidence based information – then get your pregnant butt to a meeting 🙂

Meetings are currently at 21 Gordon Street, Hamilton (Pachamama House, Pachamama means “Mother Earth”) once per month, on the third Thursday night of every month from 7pm – 8.30pm.

Our physical space has begun workshops already but are all fully booked! Our official opening date for the space is the first week of August, 2019. Please come along to our shared lunch on Sunday, 4th August, 2019 at 12.30pm!

Visit the Facebook Page and follow events at this link:

For immediate support, visit the discussion group and ask a question at anytime of day or night: