The “Positive Birth Movement Newcastle” is a local, birth support community group πŸ™‚

The Positive Birth Movement Newcastle is run by passionate and caring birth professionals, educators and doulas (all working as volunteers, out of pure passion).

What is the group all about:

Meetings are always free and always about increasing positivity about birth.

If you would like to hear positive birth stories and be exposed to useful, accurate, evidence based information – then get your pregnant butt to a meeting πŸ™‚

Meetings are currently at 21 Gordon Street, Hamilton (Pachamama House, Pachamama means “Mother Earth”) once per month, on a Thursday night at 7pm – 8.30pm.

PLUS… we (the committee, including Natalie) are busy fulfilling the groups dream to provide a full time, physical space… (…and we are currently seeking interested sponsors.. hint hint, lol).

Visit the Facebook Page and follow events at this link:

For immediate support, visit the discussion group and ask a question at anytime of day or night: