The Hunter Birth Education Centre is predominantly a virtual centre providing specialised childbirth education courses at various locations around Newcastle.

Our website has been set up to empower you to know some great, local, health care choices.

The Hunter Birth Education Centre website provides, lists and refers services that improve physical and emotional outcomes for mothers, their babies and families.

The Hunter Birth Education Centre is:

* A provider of high quality, Independent Birth Education (including relationship education, parenting education, birth trauma counselling and key breastfeeding referrals, education and support).
* An information website,
* Created and managed by Natalie Meade – a passionate womens’ health and birth activist!
(Please contact Natalie by email or phone for compassionate and caring information to support you during your pregnancy and parenting journey)
* Providing good, local referrals to any service you see described on our page,
* Independent of all hospital and all government health services.
(this independence means that we can “tell it how it is” as we are not bound by bureaucracy).

Our hope is that you may be surprised at all the great options available in the Hunter and feel very glad you found our page.

Sadly, your medical care provider does not have time to mention all the great pregnancy and birth options available to you.

Sadly women who follow standard pregnancy care are often only rewarded with standard birth experiences.
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Accessing the latest evidence based research we present to you birth education approaches and prenatal health options that excel birth into the future.

We are speaking with health professionals daily, assessing what they offer, and listing information on their services, continuing our quest to provide choices to women and their families. Follow this link if you are an interested health professional.


Emotional Support (our highest priority)

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Our Birth Education addresses and supports you emotionally and mentally to reduce the risk of perinatal complications (the period leading up to and shortly after birth).

Any woman can experience perinatal emotional complications at any point and one of the important risk factors has been shown to be:

Traumatic birth or extenuating circumstances around the birth, including the perception of traumatic or difficult birth.
The most protective action you can take against negative birth outcomes is to choose independent antenatal education and to choose your birth carer wisely.

Why is it important to address perinatal emotional complications?

We strongly believe that pregnancy can include moments of joy for the mother when she is well supported.

Unresolved perinatal emotional complications effect the relationship between mother and baby, as well as effects on the baby’s cognitive, social, and emotional development.

Emotional support leading to the alleviation of emotional complications can have a positive impact on both a mother and her baby.

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There are further Perinatal risk factors, all addressed in the birth education courses provided through the Hunter Birth Education Centre, these include:

relationship problems / lack of support from partner 

a previous history of depression/anxiety/mood disorder

history of trauma, e.g. abuse, intimate partner violence, sexual assault

major life stress, e.g. loss of a job, recent move

persistent lack of sleep

social isolation, lack of support or community resources

concerns around baby’s health or well-being / a Neonatal intensive Care stay

history of infertility or previous miscarriages or losses

difficulty breastfeeding, especially if breastfeeding was something the mother had hoped to do






If you would like to hear more about our emphasis on the emotional support of women and families

Call the Hunter Birth Education Centre.

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