Birth Education Films

Hi, my name is Natalie Meade and I am the founder and manager of the Hunter Birth Education Centre.

I am strongly passionate about birth and womens’ health issues! One of my favourite things is to premiere unique and eye opening films to my local community.

Sure, it’s super hard work, but I love doing work that brings such great benefit to the community and is so stimulating and enjoyable for all involved.

I never do it alone, there are always an amazing amount of people who jump in and volunteer to help! We get together and we work hard and we have fun and we donate any raised monies towards local breastfeeding and birth support groups.

Our most recent event took place on Saturday, the 24th February, 2018.
This special event included guest health speakers and the film: IN UTERO

birth education

In 2010, It all started when Natalie premiered her first ever film: Freedom for Birth, in Auburn, Sydney, her local community at that time.

Birth film

In 2014, we brought you “Microbirth”

– a film that revealed the immune system benefits of vaginal birth.

Microbirth has led to the introduction of women requesting to seeding their babies’ microbiomes during necessary ceasarean procedures. Allowing babies to begin life with a rich and diverse immune system.

Birth film

In 2015, we brought you Milk

Birth film

In 2016, we brought you Why Not Home?

– A film about Obstetricians and midwives choosing homebirth for their own births
Birth film