Natalie Meade: Creator and Manager, HBEC.

(GradDipC, GradDipPsyc, GradDipEd, Bsc (Hons), CCE, CH).

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A message from Natalie:

“Welcome to the website, Hunter Birth Education Centre. I hope you find something helpful or enjoyable and that you can pass some valuable birth or parenting information on wards to your friends and family 🙂

By the time I settled in Newcastle many years ago, I knew from my own personal experience and my involvement in the positive birth movement, that many women do not get a chance to make true, fully informed decisions for their birth. I was frustrated during my own pregnancy journeys that Newcastle was lacking a central website that clearly listed all the local choices available to women.

And so, I set to work!

I have spent years working hard to build the Hunter Birth Education Centre website and I dream of one day creating a physical centre too!

My main goals have been to:

* Ensure that each visitor can quickly see their array of choices about: Where to birth, choices of style of birth support, birth education course styles and many other choices for services for pregnancy, birth and parenting.
* Ensure that all local women knew that we have three great midwife one-one programs, plus, a homebirth program and that they are all government funded through Medicare (ie you can have an amazing birth and it can be for zero cost).

My name is Natalie Meade and I am the creator and the ongoing manager of the HBEC!

Who am I?

I am passionate about education and women and human rights.

On a deeper level, I have learnt to connect with my own power and how amazing it feels to tune into and trust my own instincts.


I am highly educated and qualified.

On a deeper level, I am a questioner, a curious human, a challenger of the status quo.


I am a mother and a partner.

On a deeper level, I am consciously caring and nurturing. I deeply value intimacy and trust in relationships with others


I am an active volunteer and fundraiser within local and international birth circles.

On a deeper level, I am passionate about community connection and community mutual support.

I promised myself a long time ago that I would always put passion before profit and I am fortunate enough to have a partner who is the main breadwinner and who agrees with the important of the causes I work so hard for.


I offer birth education, birth support and counselling, hypnosis and mindfulness for birth and relationship/intimacy coaching.

On a deeper level, I bring people closer to themselves and to each other.

I hope we meet some day soon 🙂

Natalie Meade.

Creator and Manager, Hunter Birth Education Centre.

0406 934 645

Natalie Meade HBEC

For more detail on my qualifications please see below,

University Studies:

Bachelor of Advanced Science with Distinction Honours (1997) University of NSW

Graduate Diploma of Psychology (2010) Sydney University

Diploma of Education (2007) University of NSW

Institute Studies:

Childbirth Educator Certification, HypnoBirthing Institute, 2009.

Graduate Diploma of Counselling within the Masters of Counselling and Psychotherapy Jansen Newman Institute, Sydney

Certificate of Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Academy of Applied Hypnosis.

Hypnobirthing Antenatal Program and Birth Skills Training, HypnoBirthing Institute, Gold Seal Mongan Method (2009-2017)

Couples ‘Love Works’ Educator, the Australian School of Tantra.

Organisation and Association Involvement:

Volunteer meeting facilitator and treasurer of the “Positive Birth Movement Newcastle” Community group.

Clinical Hypnotherapist and member with the, Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA) (Member No: CM2015098)

Supervised groups co-ordinator (NSW) and Treasurer (NSW), Australian Hypnotherapists Association (NSW)(2010-2016)

Registered HypnoBirthing Institute.(2009-2017)

Lifeline Telephone Crisis Supporter (2007-2012)

Lifeline Training Facilitator (2013).

Auburn Council ‘Lifelong Learning’ HypnoBirthing Course Facilitator

Specialized Training:

Mental Health First Aid Certificate (2010)

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training Certificate (2012) ASIST Living Works Training

NLP Training, Further Education Sydney University Courses.

Mindfulness Training, Further Education Sydney University Courses.

Dance for Birth, Level one practitioner training completed 2015, Embody Birth, Maha El Musa.